My journey started in 2010, the year I’ve founded Katu, a digital development studio based in Istanbul. Since then I’ve worked for several international companies and also developed personal projects. I’ve worked as a lead software developer in my own company for more than 7 years. Before arriving in Cork, I was developing native iOS applications by using both Objective-C and Swift. Since the beginning of 2018, I’ve been working as a Natural Language Engineer vendor for Apple in Cork, Ireland.

I consider myself to be a full-stack developer, as I can develop back-end, front-end and iOS apps at the same time. Nowadays, I am using Vue.js for developing web apps, and I consider to learn React Native for mobile app development along with Dockers orchestrated by Kubernetes.

I am interested in bicycling, motorcycling, photography and history as an amateur


MicrosoftSoftware Engineer
JAN 2018 - JUL 2020
AppleNatural Language Engineer
SEP 2010 - JUN 2017
KatuCo-Founder, Lead Developer

Development Languages I Use.

I am a full-stack developer, that I can develop back-end and front-end along with native iOS apps at the same time. Also, I consider developing mobile apps with React Native.

  • Node.js
  • Python
  • Objective-C
  • Swift
  • Vue.js
  • C# /
  • Bash
  • SQL (MSSQL, PostreSQL)

Some of the projects that I’ve worked for:

Because of making enterprise applications I was using to send versions to our clients and Crashlytics for error logging. Since 2010 I have been a part of over 60 projects but most of them being NDA contracts. Here you can find some of them.


Swift 3.1 – iOS development

A game that you can earn mobile internet packages by answering questions with swiping up and down. You can download the application from AppStoreüst/id1166874980

Honda Turkey Web Site

C# – Back-end development

I was working as a back-end developer for Honda Turkey’s new website.


Swift 3.0 – iOS development

Secupoly is an iPad app that helps Securitas Sales Department representatives are making risk analysis for their clients’ buildings. After making risk analysis, they are sending offers for Securitas security solutions to reduce risk possibilities.

Ford Trucks Asistanım

Swift 2.3 > Swift 3.1 – iOS development

For Ford Trucks sales team we have made an iPad application. With Asistanım application, sales representatives can download vehicle documents, get updated loan rates and vehicle prices. With Asistanım, sales representatives can build custom vehicles for the clients and send them offers with PDF formatted. This application is also working offline.

MDS (Mobile Audit System)

Objective-C, C# – iOS, back-end development

MDS is an online/offline working audit system that allows headquarters to create forms and lets them track and check their branches, processes etc… on live via using admin panel. You can get more information at

Project Pool

Javascript, HTML/CSS – Front-end development

This is a project where you can store your project ideas and categorize them on budget etc. You can get project source from my Github repositories.

Vine Fetcher

Javascript, HTML/CSS – Front-end development

A service to show Vine videos for the specified tag. Developed with Node.js. You can get project source from my Github repositories.

ETS (Farmer Tracking System)

Objective-C, C# – iOS, back-end development

With Katu ETS, data are collected via tablet devices (iPads), written into the database directly, and can be observed in real time from the headquarters.


Objective-C – iOS development

An application for small businesses that can provide a platform to manage their loyalty program. You can find a video on Vimeo about BPlus